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Thomas was born on the 21st January 1879,
the second child of Samuel & Fanny Sides
On August 21st 1906 Thomas married Ethel Bromley (born 8th May 1882).
Thomas and Ethel lived initially at Russell Place in Cross Houses, Salop, until ‘The Hollies’, a property specially built for them at a cost of £375, was ready for occupation later that year. This was next to the Post Office & General Store in Cross Houses, run by William & Elinor Bromley (Ethel’s parents).
The Hollies was later used as the Post Office with Thomas as the receiver
(The name of T.R. Sides as receiver can be seen in Wildings Directory of 1916).

Thomas also ran a shoemaking business from a workshop at the rear of the Hollies referred to as ‘General Shoemaking & Specialised Shoemaking for Hospitals’, following in the
footsteps of his father.
Thomas & Ethel had the following children, all born at the Hollies
Samuel William Raymond born October 13th 1907. died Feb 6th 1982.
Benjamin born November 25th 1908. died April 15th 1909.
Norman born November 25th 1908. died Oct 28th 1982.
Ivy born May 20th 1910. died 1977.
George Kenneth born October 25th 1911. died 1999.
Francis Ethel born March 9th 1913. died 1916 aged 3yrs.
Thomas Richard born July 16th 1914. died March 14th 1990.
Sylvia born August 29th 1915. died 7th July 2007.
Constance Harriet born 1916 (4th quarter) died 1917 (1st quarter)
Helen Ena born June 3rd 1918. died May 6th 1992.
Cynthia Joan born July 25th 1920. died 2003.
Margurita Jeanetta Bromley born 1922.  
Unnamed Child born 1923. died 1923.

Sadly Ethel died in 1923 (probably during childbirth as an unnamed child is shown to have been born & died in 1923).
Just before Ethel died a move from Cross Houses was imminent, presumably due to financial difficulties. The move took place in that year of 1923 to Swiss Cottage, Bomere Heath, Salop, where Thomas continued his profession of shoemaking & repairs. (Swiss Cottage was in fact owned by Henry Jones, Constance Sides’ husband.

On the 31st August 1926, at the Wesleyan Chapel, St. John’s Hill, Shrewsbury, Thomas married Elizabeth Rowley, (born 1882 daughter of John Rowley a blacksmith from Bomere Heath, Salop).
Thomas and Elizabeth lived at Swiss Cottage until 1931 when they rented ‘The Villa’ Shawbury Road (now Sandy Lane), Grinshill, Salop

The Sides children in 1927 with stepmother Elizabeth (Rowley)
Thomas at Swiss Cottage
Thomas Richard died on the 9th June 1943. Elizabeth died on the 9th July 1966; they are both buried at Grinshill churchyard..
Samuel William Raymond’s ashes and those of his wife Maud are interred in this same grave.
Norman Sides & his wife Margaret are also buried at Grinshill as are Thomas Richard jnr. & his sister Helen.
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Samuel Sides was married to Fanny Carless 16th November 1871 Constance Harriet born 26th October 1872 Thomas Richard William born 21 st January 1879 Thomas Richard Sides (son of the above Samuel Sides) was married to Ethel Bromley August 21st 1906 Samuel William Raymond Sides Born October 13th 1907 Norman & Benjamin (twins) Born Nov 25th 1908 Benjamin died April 15th 1909 Ivy Born May 20th 1910 George Kenneth Born Oct 25th 1911 Francis Ethel Born March 9th 1913 Samuel Sides died May 12th 1901 at Cound Stanks Constance Harriet Sides married Henry Jones Dec 26th 1895 Henry Jones died April 1928 Thomas Richard Sides born July 16th 1914 Sylvia Sides born August 29th 1915 Helen Ena Sides born June 3rd 1918 Cynthia Joan Sides born July 25th 1920 Margurita Jeanetta Bromley Sides born Feb 2nd 1922 Ethel Sides wife of Thomas Richard Sides died Aug 6th 1923 Thomas Richard Sides son of Samuel and Fanny Sides (deceased) married Elizabeth Rowley daughter of John and Anne Rowley August 31st 1926 Thomas Richard Sides died June 9th 1943 at Grinshill Constance Harriet Jones died at Southport April 14th 1945
Thomas Richard Sides Elizabeth Rowley Sylvia Sides Margurita Jeanetta Bromley Sides Helen Ena Sides Cynthia Joan Sides Ethel Bromley Ethel Bromley Margurita Jeanetta Sides Helen Ena Sides Helen Ena Sides Ivy Sides Margurita Jeanetta Sides Cynthia Joan Sides Tom Richard Sides Jack Lawley Tom Richard Sides Tom Richard Sides Margurita Jeanetta Sides Helen Ena Sides Jack Lawley