CYNTHIA JOAN SIDES (1920 - 2003)
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Cynthia Joan Sides was born on the 25th July 1920,
the tenth child of
Thomas Richard William Sides
and Ethel Bromley.

She was known to the family by her second name ‘Joan’.
Joan married Jack Herbert Williams, born 1915
Jack & Joan had three daughters:

Patricia Helen Williams born 1947.

Margaret Phyllis Williams born 1949.
She married Harry Desmond Ruck,
born 1944
They had two children:-

Leah Louise, born 1973.
She married Michael Frank Pilling, born 1965

Calvin John, born 1977.

Irene Janet Williams born 1951.
She married Joon Mudhookur (James) Ramsahye, born 1949.
They had two children:-

Hannah Leelah Ramsahye born 1978. She married Michael Davies born 1980,
and they have a daughter,
Tiah Jaye Davies born 2006.

Gemma Jessoda Ramsahye born 1980.

Irene and James divorced.

Hannah Leah Calvin Gemma
Leah and Michael Pilling
Calvin Margaret Leah Des

Jack died in 1985 and Joan died on the 29th September 2003, she was cremated following a funeral service held at Watton Presbyterian Church on 6th October 2003.

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