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Samuel William Raymond Sides was born on the 13th October 1907,
the first child of
Thomas Richard William Sides and Ethel Bromley.
He was known to most people as Raymond.

Raymond left home at the age of 11 or 12 yrs
to live with his Aunt Constance &
Uncle Henry Jones in Southport.

He lived with them until 1930 when he married
Florence Maud Skill (born 1906).

Raymond and sister Ivy
Raymond and Maud
  Brian and Geoffrey with grandfather Tom Sides
Raymond and Maud had two children:-
Geoffrey Raymond born 1932. Geoffrey married Florence Irene Pickles (b 1940). They had the following children:-
  Gillian Florence Sides born 1961. She married Malcolm Howard Yates (b 1965). They had the following children:-
    Timothy Malcolm Yates born 1993.
    Elizabeth Gillian Yates born 1995.
    Michael Peter Yates born 1999.
  Alison Jane Sides born 1962. She married Ian Broadbent (b 1968). They had the following children:-
    Caroline Alice Broadbent born 1995.
    Ian William Broadbent born 1998.
  Alan Geoffrey Sides born 1964. He married Caroline Ann Bessant (b 1972). They had the following children:-
    Anna Florence Sides born 2000.
    Jemima Sides born 2008.
  Louise Kate Sides born 1968. She married Philip Briggs(b 1967). They had the following children:-
    Edward Philip Briggs born 2000.
    Rosemary Kate Briggs born 2002.
Brian Arthur born 1936. Brian married Annette Fletcher (b 1937). They had the following children:-
  Julia Sides born 1960. She married Christopher Heath. They had the following children:-
    Kirsten Julia Heath born 1987.
    Callum James Heath born 1989.
  Rachel Ann Sides born 1962. She married Gary Pullen. They had the following children:-
    Benjamin Garry Pullen born 1992.
  Robert Brian William Sides born 1965.
  Jonathan Vaughan Sides born 1968. He married Kathleen Mary Kelly. They had the following children:-
    Ellen Mary Sides born 1996.
    Heather Mary Sides born 1998.
    Jude Jonathan Sides born 2001.
  David Fletcher Sides born 1975.
Raymond died on the 6th February 1982 and Maud died in 1998. Their ashes are interred in Raymond's parents grave at Grinshill.
Rachel Ann Pullen (nee Sides) died 18th September 2006, and her father, Brian Arthur
died 6th October 2009 and their ashes were also interred at Grinshill on the 5th december 2009.
Gillian Florence Yates (nee Sides) died 8th October 2008.
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