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Ernest was born in 1919 at Shrewsbury,
the fourth child of John Charles and Martha Emma Williams.

Thomas Charles Williams

Ernest worked as a Civil Servant.

He married Hazel Druzilla Pritchard,
(born 1929 in Shrewsbury).




Ernest and Hazel had a son:-

Tom Williams - Ernest - Hazel -
Ernest 1940's
Stephen John Williams born 1950 in Shrewsbury. Stephen married Linda Mary Sharp (born 1950), they had two children:-
  Thomas Hugh Williams born 1978 in Leicester.
  Gareth Charles Williams born 1981 in Leicester.


On the 15th September 1952 Ernest was sworn in as a Freeman of Shrewsbury, and on the 29th March 1973 his son Stephen was sworn in as a Freeman of Shrewsbury.

Ernest died in 2002 and Hazel died in 2008.

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