Researched and compiled by Peter Williams
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Connor Matthew Williams John Williams Thomas Charles Williams John Charles Williams Stephen John Williams Thomas Charles Williams Ernest John Williams John Robert Williams Peter Charles Williams Sheila Mary Williams Philip Richard Williams Steven Charles Williams Andrew Thomas Williams Thomas Belch Edith Harriet Belch Alfred Edwin Belch Edward Richard Belch William Henry Belch Margaret Hannah Belch Mary Jane Belch John Belch Sarah Maria Belch Hannah Belch Ethel Bromley Thomas Richard William Sides John Williams Thomas Charles Williams Thomas Charles Williams William Henry Williams Richard Charles Williams John Charles Williams John Robert Williams Daniel Robert Williams Jean Elizabeth Roberts Andrew Thomas Williams Joseph Daniel Williams Erin-Rose Williams Peter Charles Williams Mary Jane Hughes Sara Louise Williams Steven Charles Williams Olivia Louise Ball Madison Jae Ball David John Hughes John William Hughes Eva Jane Mountford Philip Richard Williams Janet Valerie Lewis Amy Louise Williams David Robert Williams Thea May Jones Mark Alan Williams Paul Christopher Williams Cameron Jake Williams Thomas Mark Philip Williams Danielle Megan Williams Sheila Mary Williams David John Cowton Peter Ian Jennings Adam Thomas Jennings Jake Peter Jennings Alice Mary Jennings Edward Harlow Digwood Edith Mary Williams Wilfred Leslie Thomas Margaret Kedzilie Williams Hazel Druzilla Pritchard Ernest John Williams Gerald Egan Pugh Vera Annie Williams Christopher John Pugh Deborah Kathleen Gittins Janet Leslie Pugh Christopher Leslie Hutton Rachel Martha Pugh Stephen John Williams Lynda Mary Sharp David John Thomas Hazel Elizabeth Ann Rudd Thomas Hugh Williams Gareth Charles Williams Martin Ian Thomas Gary Stephen Thomas Sylvia Sides William Williams Emma P Williams Thomas P Williams Mary Ann Williams Elizabeth Williams Richard Belch Thomas Belch Martha Emma Belch

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