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Sometime in the early Nineteenth Century,
a carpenter and wheelwright,
born around 1807 at Condover,

married SARAH
(born 1819 at Berrington),
and they had three children:
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Martha born 1846 at Berrington.
William born 1848 at Berrington.
Sarah born 1857 at Berrington. Her married name may have been 'Manning' (see witnesses to William's marriage below)
William was a 'Master Wheelwright'. On the 30th April 1867 at the parish church St Alkmunds, Shrewsbury, he married Elinor (Ellen) Evans (born around 1845 at Llanrhaeadr, daughter of Thomas Evans, a farmer). (Witnesses were John and Sarah Manning). They settled at Cross Houses near Shrewsbury, where they ran a shop.
William and Ellen had the following children:-

born 1869 at Berrington. In the 3rd quarter of 1892 she married William Mitting(b. 10th March 1895, d. 28th July 1929) and they had a son, Charles Lawrence Mitting (b. 10th March 1895, d. 28th July 1929).
Charles married Ethel May Dadswell in 1919.
(Many thanks to Elizabeth Janson for these details)

Sarah born 1870 at Berrington.
Alice born 1873 at Berrington.
William born 1875 at Berrington.
Thomas born 1878 at Berrington.
Mary Anne
born 1879 at Berrington.
Benjamin born 1881 at Berrington.
Ethel born 8th May 1882 at Berrington.
Elinor died on November 4th 1928 & William (b 1848), died on the 14th March 1929.
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