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Please note: that the Belch/Balch line is Balch in 1747 and in 1773 and somewhere in the time frame after-
some of the family used Belch and their line continued as Belch.
A Balch family member is looking for any member line from James and Elizabeth or John and Susan re ydna...
excepting Richard md Carswell. If you can help please contact me

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On the 4th November 1747,
at St Marks, Frodesley, Shropshire,
John Belch (Balch), (born in 1720, in Shropshire),
was married to
Susan Basset, (born 1718 in Shropshire)
(daughter of Henry Basset).
(They were married by Licence, this included a Bond for one hundred pounds. This licence is held at
Lichfield Record Office, written on velum
John signed his name clearly as Balch but the family name seems to have been corrupted to Belch later on).

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John and Susan had a son:-
James Belch born 1750 in Shropshire.
On the 9th November 1773 at St Andrew & St Mary, Condover, he married Elizabeth Purslow (born 3rd December 1752 at Condover, Shropshire, the daughter of William Purslow and Martha Dodd).
They had the following children:-
  John Belch born 1774 at Ford, Shropshire. Baptized 18th September 1774 at Ford.
  William Belch born 1776 at Ford, Shropshire. Baptized 7th April 1776 at Ford.
  Richard Belch born 1778 at Ford, Shropshire. Baptized 5th July 1778 at Ford. He was married to
Mary Heath, on the 2nd October 1804.
  Elizabeth Belch born 1781 at Ford, Shropshire. Baptized 27th May 1781 at Ford.
  James Belch born 1784 at Ford, Shropshire. Baptized 14th March 1784 at Ford.
  Margaret Belch born 1786 at Ford, Shropshire. Baptized 1st October 1786 at Ford. She was married to
W Thomas Rogers on the 24th September 1810 at Alberbury.
  Esther Belch born 1789 at Ford, Shropshire. Baptized 1st March 1789 at Ford. She was married to
Thomas Clarke on the 21st December 1815 at Ludlow Shropshire.
  Martha Belch born 1791 at Ford, Shropshire. Baptized 15th March 1791 at Ford. She was married to
John Bevan on the 13th July 1816 at Ludlow Shropshire.
  Mary Belch born 1793 at Ford, Shropshire. Baptized 7th July 1793 at Ford.
  Thomas Belch born 1795 at Ford, Shropshire. Baptized 6th September 1795 at Ford.
James (born 1750) died 8th August 1809 in Ford. Elizabeth died 5th December 1811 in Ford
John Belch was born 1774 at Ford, Shropshire and christened on the 18th September 1774 at Ford.
He was a Tailor and was married to Mary, born in 1775 in Shropshire.
John and Mary had the following children:-
Sarah Belch born 1796 in Cardeston, Shropshire. Christened 21st August 1796 at Cardeston.
Susanna Belch born 1798 in Cardeston, Shropshire. Christened 23rd September 1798 at Cardeston. Died 7th October 1798.
Susanna Belch born 1800 in Cardeston, Shropshire. Christened 20th April 1800 at Cardeston.
Hannah Belch born 1801 in Cardeston, Shropshire. Christened 21st October 1802 at Cardeston.
Jane Belch born 1804 in Cardeston, Shropshire. Christened 23rd September 1804 at Cardeston.
Eleanor Belch born 1806 in Cardeston, Shropshire. Christened 31st August 1806 at Cardeston.
James Belch born 1809 in Cardeston, Shropshire. Christened 5th March 1809 at Cardeston.
Elizabeth Belch born 1811 in Cardeston, Shropshire. Christened 10th March 1811 at Cardeston.
Esther Belch born 1813 in Cardeston, Shropshire. Christened 16th April 1813 at Cardeston.
The above information was kindly sent to us by Sheila Belch. Her husband Bill
was the great grandson of William Belch (born 1850)
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