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ROBERT COWTON (1722 - 1798)
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On the 25th October 1722, ROBERT COWTON, the son of ROBERT COWTON, was baptised at Hunmanby, in the North Riding of the county of Yorkshire, England.
Robert junior was married at Muston, on the 26th of December 1750, to Mary Lowthorp, and they had seven children, all baptised at Hunmanby:-
born 1st October 1751, (he married Elizabeth Conyers, born 16th February 1773 at Hunmanby)
born 13th January 1753.
born 17th December 1754.
born 7th August 1756.
born 16th October 1759 (he was buried at Hunmanby on the 26th July 1823 aged 64)
born 26th March 1763.
born 1761, christened at Hunmanby 6th March 1765.
Robert was probably buried at Hunmanby on the 30th August 1798 (although it could have been his son Robert born 1751), and Mary was buried at Hunmanby on the 5th September 1798.
On the 24th December 1800 FRANCIS COWTON, a farmer & widower, married MARY APPLEBY (born 25th August 1776, daughter of John Appleby (born 1749) & Mary Riby (born 1742)) at Reighton near Hunmanby. (This was Francis’ second marriage; the first may have been to Elizabeth Wood at Reighton on the 25th July 1793- Reighton PR lists them as Francis & Elizabeth COWLTON).
(Mary had an illegitimate daughter Alice (Ellis) Christened at Reighton on the 6th November 1797).
Francis & Mary Cowton had 3 known children all christened at Hunmanby:-
christened 12th September 1802.
christened 1st September 1808.
christened 27th February 1814.
Francis Snr (b 1761) died and was buried at Hunmanby 13th August 1832 when he was 71 years of age.
On the 9th June 1838 Francis & Mary’s son FRANCIS COWTON married JANE SUTTON at Hunmanby.
His occupation was given as a farmer’s son on the church marriage records. His father was given as Francis Cowton (a farmer).
Francis & Jane were given as being ‘of full age’.
(Jane was christened in Hunmanby on the 7th November 1813, daughter of William Sutton (born c.1781) & Anne Mitchell (born c.1782) who were married at Hunmanby on 26th November 1804. (They also had a son, WILLIAM, who was christened at Hunmanby 14.2.1809).  On the 1841 Census, William (Snr.) (a shepherd) and Anne were living in Bridlington Street, Hunmanby with Mary (aged 7)  (Mary could be a niece or grand daughter – she is unlikely to be a daughter as Anne would have been 53 when she was born)).

(The 1841 census shows that Mary Cowton, nee Appleby, was living with her daughter Alice in Stonegate Hunmanby.  Alice had married John Moor, a farm labourer who was born c1805, and they had a daughter, Margaret born c.1837.   Mary died at Great Kelk, near Driffield in 1860 when she was 84 years old and she was buried at Hunmanby on the 21st November 1860)

On the 1841 Census Francis & Jane were living in Bridlington Street, Hunmanby, with their two children:-
christened 3rd October 1838 at Hunmanby.
Mary Jane
christened 22nd October 1840 at Hunmanby.
On the 1851 Census Jane aged 36 is shown as an Agricultural Labourer & was Head of family, living in a cottage at Wold House Farm, Muston, with six children, William now 12 yrs old and Mary Jane now 10 yrs old, plus: -
born at Muston c1843.
born at Muston c1846.
born at Muston c1848.
born at Muston c1850.
(Husband Francis was away from home visiting his brother George who is listed as a widower & farmer of 225 acres employing 4 men. Also staying with George are his mother Mary & her illegitimate daughter Alice Moor now aged 58 & Georges children; Elizabeth, Hannah & Robert)
On the 1861 Census Francis & Jane were living at Wold House Farm , Muston, with four children, George  now 10 yrs old, plus:
born at Muston Christened 23rd October 1851 at Muston.
born at Muston Christened 23rd October 1856 at Muston. (Church register shows that Bell (no E) was married at Hunmanby on 11.7.1874, when she was 19, to Thomas Witty (26))
born at Muston Christened 6th April 1859 at Muston.
On the 1871 Census Francis & Jane were living at Burlington Street, Hunmanby with Francis now 23 yrs old & a Farm Labourer, and Mark now 11 yrs old.
On the 1881 census Francis (listed as a General Labourer) is shown living in Burlington street, Hunmanby, with his wife Jane and their youngest son Mark now 21 yrs old.
FRANCIS died in 1881 & was buried at Hunmanby 7th August 1881 aged 65 years (Church register).
JANE died in 1883 & was buried at Hunmanby 11th February 1883 aged 67 years (Church register).
George now aged 29 yrs is shown living at Hungate Lane, Hunmanby, with his wife Mary Elizabeth (born at Hunmanby c.1859) & daughter Mary Jane (born at Hunmanby c.1877).
On the 1891 Census George, Mary Elizabeth & Mary Jane are shown living at Bridlington Street, Hunmanby. George & Mary Elizabeth now have more children, all born at Hunmanby:-
Robert Thompson baptised 31st August 1881 at Hunmanby (buried at Hunmanby, 9th January 1960.
Amelia Elizabeth baptised at Hunmanby, 28th May 1884.
Betsy Ella, baptised at Hunmanby 29th June 1886.
George William, baptised at Hunmanby 27th April 1890.
They all appear on the 1901 Census living at Bridlington Street, Hunmanby except George William, who is presumed to have died before 1901.
Robert now aged 30 yrs & listed as a Shepherd, is shown living at Bake House Yard, Hunmanby, with his wife Sarah (born at Bridlington c.1847) & two children, both born at Hunmanby:-
Mary Jane baptised at Hunmanby 15th March 1877.
Alice Ann baptised at Hunmanby 11th February 1879 (She married John Richard Brown Metcalfe (23) on 19th November 1899)
On the 1891 Census Robert & Sarah & Alice Ann are shown living at Bridlington Street, Hunmanby with five more children, all born at Hunmanby:-
George baptised at Hunmanby 1st June 1879 (not on 1881 census for some reason)
Penelope baptised at Hunmanby 8th October 1884.
Frank baptised at Hunmanby 8th September 1886 (died 11th October 1893 – buried at Hunmanby church 18th October 1893)
William baptised at Hunmanby 2nd June 1889.
John (also known as Jack) baptised at Hunmanby 12th April 1890.
(Mary Jane is shown as a Domestic at Highfield, Hunmanby)
The 1901 Census shows Robert & Sarah, Mary Jane & William living at Stonegate, Hunmanby with one more child:-
Robert, born at Hunmanby c1894.
Sarah died on the 29th May 1923 aged 76. Robert died on the 22 December 1935 aged 84. They are both buried under the same headstone at God’s Acre in Hunmanby
Francis, now 33 yrs old is shown living at Stone Gate, Hunmanby, with his wife and family:-
FRANCIS COWTON born around 1848 an Agricultural Labourer married Sarah Ann Lines (born around 1850 at Station, Norfolk, England). They were married on the 11th July 1874. (The Banns show: Francis Cowton, 23 years old, bachelor, Labourer, father Francis Cowton, married Sarah Ann Lines, 22 years old, spinster, father William Lines, groom, both of Hunmanby).
They had the following children, all born in Hunmanby:-
born 1874 (Christened 4th November 1874) (she appears on the 1901 Census as a servant at Market Pl. Hunmanby she never married and was buried at Hunmanby 27.7.1950 when she was 75 years old.)
born 1875 (Christened 6th October 1875)
born 1876 (Christened 13th December 1876) (probably died before 1881)
Sarah J.
born 1877 (She appears in the 1891 census at 30 Gladstone Street, Scarborough with 5 other young children She was described as an orphan aged 14, so this is probably an orphanage)
John Francis
born 1878 (baptised 11th June 1878) (probably died before 1881)
born 1879 (baptised 3rd September 1879)
born 1880.
Sadly Francis died in 1882 aged just 33 yrs. (Burial, 12 March 1882)
Sarah Anne died in 1884 also aged just 33 yrs. (Burial, 11 November 1884)
Mark was brought up by his Uncle Robert, but there is no trace so far of the rest of the family.
Francis & Sarah Ann’s son MARK COWTON married ADA SELLERS (Born at Speeton February 1881, daughter of John and Emma Sellers) at Speeton Church on 1st September 1906, after Banns.  They both signed the register and witnesses were Kate Sellers and Herbert Agar. Father's given as Frank Cowton, deceased and John Sellers, farmer. Mark’s address at the time given as 5 Alexandra Terrace, Londesborough, Hull, and Ada’s as Speeton.
(The 1901 Census shows Mark Cowton aged 21yrs old & single as a Stockman at The Howe, Hunmanby).
It is thought that they settled in Seamer where Mark worked as a Plate Layer for N.E.R. (Although during his First World War service, Mark’s brother Alfred gave his next of kin address as being Mark Cowton of 8 St Marks Terrace, Pasture Road, Goole, which would indicate that Mark and Ada moved from Seamer between 1917 and 1919).
Mark & Ada had the following children:-
born 19th July 1900 at Seamer
born 18th September 1904
born 8th December 1908 at Seamer
born 5th August 1913 at Seamer
Unfortunately Ada died in 1926 aged 45.
Mark Cowton married HELEN (Nellie) CHAPMAN, and gained a step-son, Tom.
Mark & Nellie had one son:-
born at Scarborough Hospital on the 7th April 1935. He married Margaret Ann (Paddock) born on the 14th of April 1939. They settled at Malvern Crescent, Scarborough. They have one daughter:-
Deborah Susan born on the 22nd July1960. She married Martin (Sixsmith), and  they have a son Mark Daniel.
Mark (Snr) retired around 1945 and moved into a council house at No 31 Hungate Lane, where he died in 1957.
Mark (Jnr) died on the 4th September 2009.
Helen (Nellie) Chapman – Mark (Snr) – Mark (Jnr

Helen (Nellie) Chapman – Mark (Snr) – Mark (Jnr) 1955

Mark (Snr) 1955 Mark (Jnr) 1955 Mark (Jnr) in 2009
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